Our Location

Spadinn Pizza

Spadinn is located in a brand new, purposely built building at Dalvegur 32b in the suburb of Kopavogur. The location is no coincidence, but if you look at a map of the capital area, you can see that Spadinn is in the dead centre. There is abundance of parking spots for customers and ingress and egress to Dalvegur is easy, thanks to traffic lights, and just stone throw away lies Reykjanesbraut freeway as well as Breidholtsbraut and Nybylavegur. The whole of Kopavogur, Breidholt Gardabaer, Arbaer, Hofdar and postal codes 105, 108 and the bulk of 104 are within 3 kilometers distance from Spadinn.

In addition to housing the restaurant, you will find our warehouse, commissary and headquarters at the premises.

The telephone number for Spadinn is 588-8888