About Spadinn

Spadinn is the new kid on the block in the Icelandic fast food scene and the mind-set of Spadinn is to become the industry leaders from the very beginning.

Passion for great food at reasonable price is the driving force and catalyst behind the idea of Spadinn.

Spadinn is an old dream of mine, but ever since I left the seat of CEO of Domino’s Pizza in 2005, I have watched the restaurant business closely and as a participant.

For years, I have openly criticised the pricing of fast food in Iceland, which has been way to high. I have also criticised the special offers, which in many cases steer the customer towards purchasing much more that he needs, which in turn increases the likelihood of food waste and or obesity.

It is my opinion that there are great opportunities in the fast food market for those who are willing to join the many people by offering reasonable price. Acceptable operational results being achieved with frequent repeat customers instead of shocking people with too high prices.

Spadinn is a company that specializes in producing top quality pizzas and side items, for customers to pick up at the premises. Spadinn uniqueness lies in fabulous pizzas, as well as prices that are positively surprising.

Spadinn operation is set up from the start so that high volumes can be handled in safe and swift manner.

What distinguishes Spadinn from other pizza places is honesty, simplicity and transparency. Spadinn travels an unbeaten path with pricing significantly lower than what is common. The low prices are fixed regardless of the time of the day or the day of the week. Spadinn only accepts orders via the web, through an app or through in store self-serve kiosk and only accepts payment through the same channels.

Spadinn is an Icelandic company that gets inspiration from America where pizzas are thick and loaded with toppings. Although Spadinn is influenced by North American pizzas, emphasise is put on local sourcing of raw materials where feasible. The wheat flour for the slow fermented pizza dough is from Kornax, the special cheese blend from Mjolkursamsalan, Nordlenska and Matfugl provide the meat while Olgerdin provides the beverages, just to name some.

The slogan for Spadinn could be translated Value for money.

With warm regards,
Thorarinn Aevarsson founder and CEO.